marți, 31 mai 2011

Brazil FMX Highlights - Red Bull X-Fighters 2011

Congratulations to Nate Adams, the winner of the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour 2011 (Brazil).

I made a x-ray a couple of days ago

And it came out like this. Looking good that is.

Julien Dupont

I am sure that if you are a motorcycle enthusiast like me you already heard about Julien Dupont and if his name doesn't ring a bell then you've been missing out on some basic things. Anyway, we're talking about one of the Gods of Trial Motorcycling, a man who promoted this form of riding in a manner like no other. He started a great series called Ride the World where he would explore the urban landscape on his Gas Gas trial bike. The footage is pure awesomeness and the editing makes it one of the best motorcycle clip series ever.

Le Touquet Enduropale

Because I wanted to continue with the enduro events after saying a couple of things about Red Bull Romaniacs, I managed to find a great blank & white clip, made by Black Gun Films, about a type of race that originated in France. Le Touquet takes place on a beach and it's became a tradition since 1975 when the first event was planned. It consists of different chicanes and other man made obstacles that add more difficulty because, as you know, riding in sand is a pice of cake.

ENDUROPALE TOUQUET 2011 from Bastien ROGER on Vimeo.

Wainting for the moment

luni, 30 mai 2011

Red Bull Romaniacs 2011 is near

Acknowledged as one of the world's toughest hard enduro rally event's, the Red Bull Romaniacs has gathered in the past a lot of famous riders like Cyril Despres, Graham Jarvis, Christian Pfeiffer and even the guys from Nitro Circus. It will take place in June (16-20) and it's going to do some damage.

Here are some ride reports made by Red Bull from the 2010 edition to make a impression and see some hard core but also marvelous enduro. HD FTW.

The oldies but goldes need love

I love vintage motorcycles because most of them symbolize a different era, they are like time machines that take you back in the days when manufacturing them was much more than a job, it was a way of life for those willing to combine art with raw mechanics. To see a piece of history like this, cruising in the urban jungle or in the contryside, is like a glimps of the industrial era thru a narrow window. Yes, I prefer them restored to their former glory but a lil' bit of customizing can work good if it's done with taste.

Vintage Cycle Service

Pay your tribute to the Gods of Speed

Rizla Suzuki Moto GP Promo

Triumph flat track

duminică, 29 mai 2011

The art of building a stunt bike

Remember when I said that Icon is a company that stands behind the motorcycle community? Well this is another example where Icon gets involved in the stunt riding scene, supporting Ernie Vigil. Being one of the "Icon Riders", a group that includes Jason Britton, Kane Friesen, Ethan Barkley and many more, Ernie had to compete with a bike that was worthy of the Icon heritage and could rise to the challenge. This clip, that you're going to watch in HD (as recommended), illustrates the craftsmanship required in building a top stunt motorcycle.

Karl Ruprecht Kroenen's motorcycle

Remember the villain character Karl Ruprecht Kroenen from the movie Hell Boy? Well, after I saw this motorcycle callled War Crimes, I though that if Kroenen would have been a motorcycle enthusiast, this is what he would ride.

The photos were made by Chad DeRosa.

Gentleman sportbike?

I would have to disapprove that because the rider makes the bike. You can ride like a gentleman a Yamaha R1, a Husqvarna SM 630, a KTM DUKE 990 or a Triumph Speed Triple but you can ride like a bad ass mother fucker hooligan punk a Honda CBR 125, a Honda Deauville or a Yamaha YBR 250. Well, as you can see i disagree with categorizing motorcycles by this but the guys in the next clip don't, so they compare three popular and aparently gentleman's sportbikes. Without further ado the Kawasaki Z1000SX vs. Suzuki GSX 1250FA vs. Yamaha FZ1.

Ducati Streetfighter vs. 2008 Benelli TnT 1130

Two very exotic motorcycles get tested by the good folks from and the overall conclusions are interesting. See the italian streetfighters in HD and tell me what is your favorite.

vineri, 27 mai 2011

Motorcycle Gymkhana FTW

I am a huge fan of motorcycle gymkhana and you will see in the future more videos on this subject. I admire gymkhana as a sport because it enhances your riding skills on the track and in real life. By knowing that well your motorcycle in a controlled environment where you can focus strictly on things like cornering, breaking, maneuvering in tight spaces and body position, you can make a huge difference regarding your day to day riding habbits. The situations when you panic and tend to make a error will decrease significantly therefor, better riding experience.
For now, a short introduction in the accurate world of Gymkhana.

Bandit following you into the night

Your going home, it's dark and you hear suspicious noises in the alley. You start to walk faster to get home and suddenly BAM, this stares you down.

 Piss your pants scary? not really. But still cool.

Green blood

Now this is what happens when you put the blood of a race bike like the Kawasaki ZX-10R in a motorcycle based on a naked (Z 1000), you get the Kawasaki Z1000SX. Not bad at all.

A Ducati named Lidia goes round the world

"Paolo Pirozzi, President of the Ducati Dreams Club in Naples, undertook a solo round-the-world tour on a Ducati Multistrada 1200 Touring Edition that he affectionately named Lidia. Paolo's is calling his journey the “Tour of the World in 80 DOC” (Desmo Owners Club) and he is planning to visit as many of the Ducati DOC’s as possible.

Paolo’s journey has taken him through Russia, China, Japan, USA, Mexico and South America and he is scheduled to return to Naples in May 2011"

From Wayne Serrano.

Taste some desert

HD 720p or nothing!

Unreal HD

Interesting scooter run

This is the first time I've seen a motorcycle scooter clip filmed in this manner and I have to admite, it's something else. Like.

joi, 26 mai 2011

miercuri, 25 mai 2011

Samba and Red Bull X-Fighters

Brazil is hosting another Red Bull X-Fighters event, this time they will perform in the capital, Brasilia.

Know them? The Icon Motorcycles

Icon is one my favorite motorcycles related companies because they get involved in more than the riding gear that they sell. With different projects like Limiter and Icon Riders, they support the motorcycle community and have a growing fan base. If you dont know, in their spare time, Icon pimps out motorcycles, bringing them closer to the Icon vision and life style. Check it out.

Cafe Cowboy

Found this awesome short film about Dustin Kott on how his career started. You can see the ideas that stand behind his custom motorcycles and the way his passion evolved. In my book, for bringing back to life old japonese bikes and giving them a British flavor, the man deserves some recognition. 

Urban Legend

Pretty nice commercial from Kawasaki, the voice of the little girl reminds me of half a dozen horror movies but still, the clip is briliant edited.

Death Valley

luni, 23 mai 2011

Honda mythology campaign

All the legendary creatures that used to rule the world, have been poorly drawn until now.

Riding on water

how to ride on water?

Johnny Cash and vintage motorcycles

The Spanish circuit del Jarama hosted recently a event that brought together a impressive number of classic motorcycles. The soundtrack is Johnny Cash "Hurt" and the clip presents the champions of the past, the models that made racing history.

What do people live for?

Most of the motorcycle commercials illustrate the new technology and the evolution of that product and don't get me wrong, I enjoy watching them but they lack something that would make me love them. I am talking about the passion that stands behind motorcycling and the people that share precious moments together.
This clip, made for the TC Bank, is based on a true story that has everything: passion, soul, dreams, motorcycles and brotherhood.

Harley Davidson “Brothers of the bike” official video

In my opinion motorcycling should not have a colour. Anyway I like the clip because you see how the motorcycle riding culture started "back in the days".

The Dutch version of Starsky and Hutch chasing a Yamaha XT 500


The scene is from a old horror movie, called Amsterdamned.

Looking forward to Friday?

Yes, it's Friday and you count the minutes until you get off from work and go home to watch TV to Egypt and Africa on your Yamaha WR. Very nice commercial made by Toia to promote the do it all abilities of the WR Adventure bike.

duminică, 22 mai 2011