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What motorcycle ?

If you tipe in the Google search engine "What motorcycle" you will get this suggestions.
I don't know about the motorcycle in the movie Fast Five but I have some thoughts of my own for those who search the motorcycle that suit's them the best.

There are a lot of sayings about the moment when you buy a motorcycle, some say that "you don't choose your motorcycle, the motorcycle chooses you" or "you should your motorcycle by heart and not by technical details" or other corny lines.

First of all it's decide, you like/love motorcycles and the next step is to buy one. From my point of view it's very important to know how and where you intend to ride it because there are a lot of different categories of motorcycles and each of them are available in different engine.

You should consider your body size because in some cases you will not be able to touch the ground with your feet when sitting on the bike.

The place where you intend to ride it most frequently has a major role. A big touring bike is difficult to maneuver in the city but feels great on the open road. If you plan to ride on some unpaved rodes, forget about a sportbike because you will break your back and teeath on it. Search for a allrounder bike if you don't know from the start what kind of riding suit's you and after a couple of months or years you can change it with something more apropiate for you.

Another important part is the maintenance and initial price of the motorcycle. Don't forget the riding gear that will save your ass when you tend to be over coky and xoxo the road. Find out the fuel consumption, the price of usual parts like filters, oil, chain and sprocket kit, tyres, brakes, etc.

After you decide what motorcycle will make you feel like a God, start searching for reviews of that particular model. Ask specialized forums about the "normal" problems for that bike and what you should be carefull at when buiyng one. Check if you can find the parts that tend to break at a certain mileage and how much they cost to replace (price of the part and the mechanic that will change it).

When you go to see a motorcycle, be calm and don't go over excited, if you hurry now you can regret later. Check the bike for suspicios bumps and bruises, ask about the way it was ridden, how many owners did it have in the past, why it is for sale, and ask the owner if he will alow you to take the motorcycle to a mechanic for a brief check.

And yes, in the end, good old fashion luck is always a plus.

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